SCI E&C - Contract signing ceremony for the electro-mechanical system equipment and technical service for Nam Lum 2

In early July 2019, a contract signing ceremorny was conducted at SCI office by and between SCI E&C JSC as EPC for Nam Lum 2 Hydro Power Project (HPP) and Voith Hydro Private Limited for sypply of the electro-mechanical system equipment and technical services for Nam Lum 2 which has a capacity of 18MW and located in Phong Tho District, Lai Chau province. 

The signing ceremory is in presence of Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc – SCI General Director; Mr. Phan Thanh Hai – SCI E&C Director; Mr. Saurabh Sharma – Vice President in charge of small HPPs from Voith Hydro Private Limited and the representatives from the relevant participating parties 

Voith Hydro Private Limited, under SCI’s appraisal, is the prestiged electro - mechanical supplier for HPPs who experienced in its turn-key supply and installation solution for the hassle free operated current projects in Viet Nam namedly Ca Nan 1 and Ca Nan 2 HPPs owned by SCI. The contract signing has been so far evaluated to sastisfy with the project Master Schedule toward the generation targeted by Quarter II/2021.  


Delivering speech at the ceremorny, Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc –General Director of SCI presented his trust that the Nam Lum 2 HPP will be completed in scheduled and guaranted the power generation efficiency. In additions, more oppotunities are given for mutual cooperation between SCI and Voith in virture of this contract. 

Represented for Voith - Mr. Saurabh Sharma Vice President in charge of small HPPs showed its commitment on undertaking the contract terms and conditions. At the same time, such Contract has contributed to the mutual long lasting cooperation between SCI and Voith. 

The Nam Lum 2 is invested and owned by SCI Lai Chau JSC – an affiliate of SCI Group. This project was approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) with the Decision No 4288/QĐ-BCT dated 14/11/2018 and accepted by the People Committee of Lai Chau Province with the Letter No. 1709/QĐ-UBND dated 28/12/2018. The Nam Lum 2 is ranked as the Grade III industrial works which has total capacity of 18MW with the annual power genereated volume of 6,44 millions KWh. The plant was developed on an area of 37,76 ha in Ban Lang Commune and Dao San Commune, Phong District, Lai Chau province. The power generation of Nam Lum 1 plant is expected to be brought about by Quarter II/2021.