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Our working environment allow all employees to enjoy a dynamic & friendly space, encourage them individually to have their own opportunity to assert and promote their full potential. Working with us, you will receive the guidance of managers, the coordination of colleagues and related departments with the common target of the company development.

Our office offers modern equipment and technology to assist the employees in having the most comfortable working conditions. The workplace and residential areas of workers at the construction site are spacious, clean and fully equipped. The uniforms and protective equipment are fully provided.

Remuneration policy

Competitive salary in the construction industry. Income is firmed based on the position, qualification and capability, workload and actual outcome. Consider periodic salary increases according to the actual capability.

- Bonus on Tet holidays, year-end bonus, end-of-work bonus.

- Annual summer travel, occasional teambuilding.

- Provide sports equipment and organize regular sports activities.

- Social insurance, annual leave, travel support.

- Sick leave bonus, family business bonus (funeral, wedding).

- ESOP policy.

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