Our Business


Taking the advantage of our experience in developing and excuting projects in general and energy projects in particular, SCI Group has determined our strategy to focus on investing resources to develop potential, effective projects that are evaluated to contribute to increase the supply of clean power, reduce CO2 emissions and reverse global climate change. In addition to domestic activities, SCI Group has planned to find and promote opportunities in Asia for the energy and infrastructure sectors. 

Effective investment for stakeholders' benefits

Maintain creditability and promises with relevant parties

Orientation of sustainable development strategy


Consultancy is one of the strong and focus business activity at SCI Group. With a team of experienced experts, SCI has been selected for many large and small projects in Vietnam and broadly together with many dynamic and creative staffs.

SCI Group keeps always learning and offering the best service quality with timely schedule and efficiency to the customers that we aims to build a leading consulting brand in the country and region. 

Building a team of highly qualified personnel

Catch up on the most advanced technology solutions

Optimize design and advanced progress


Thanks to dynamic and experienced staffs, diversified machinery systems, modern-streamlined-effective management system, SCI Group is entrusted to assign a lot of key packages, especially in the large-scale and complex energy projects. We always ensure the safety, timeline and quality of works at every single project to the customers.

Considering construction as the key business sector, SCI Group aims to accumulate the capability, financial resources and experience to bring our name expanding in the next stages of development.

Progress and cost control assurance

Quality assurance

Safety, hygiene assurance


SCI Group orients to diversify our business activities, in which the industrial production shall be linked with the construction sector such as production, manufacture and fabrication of mechanical products, concrete components manufacture and offer O&M services for power plants, etc.

Compact, and effective management model

Building a professional operation management team