The impressive start of two wind power plants Huong Linh 7 and Huong Linh 8

After nearly a year since the operation commencement, with a team of professional engineers, Huong Linh 7 and Huong Linh 8 wind power plants have successfully completed the mission of supplying power and contributing to the socio-economic development of Quang Tri province as well as surrounding areas.

Currently, the operating personnel team who is working at the two plants includes 20 engineers with 8 shift leaders. All of the engineers have high technical qualifications, are trained with the operating procedures, and troubleshooting at power plant. The shift leaders have been trained for more than 6 months and are granted the certificate of shift leader of the power plant from Central Region Load Dispatch Centre.


At the control center, 3 operating engineers will be on duty during a shift, of which 2 will be on duty in the control room and 1 will check the transmission line, 3 shifts per day, 8 hours per shift. The power capacityforecast of renewable energy projects, especially wind power, is becoming increasingly important. The shift leader is responsible for monitoring operating criterias, forecasting power capacity, and reporting to the leader every hour. The accurate capacity forecasting will assist the plant to avoid any power curtailments in the next period of operation.
Mr. Van Truong - Operation Engineer of Huong Linh 8 Wind Power Plant said: "Currently, the plant is using the wind speed forecasting software of Enercon (Germany). Enercon will send the wind speed chart in 24 hours prior to each day of operation, from which the shift leader will calculate the capacity as accurately as possible, minimizing the risk of power generation curtailment, especially at peak hours. Therefore, the shift leader needs to have quick-action and well-skilled analytical and calculatable ability".
All wind plant operating criterias are managed and controlled via computer. The computer system will diagnose abnormal issues and faults before executing the control command. If the computer detects any abnormality, it will accurately control the turbine to stop working.
During the power plant generation, on-duty operators regularly check the actual equipment, record operating parameters. In addition, an operation engineer will directly check the 22KV transmission line and the outside area of the wind turbines every hour to ensure timely handling of faults.
Besides the operation of the planta, the Board of Directors (BOD) of both Huong Linh 7 and Huong Linh 8 Wind Power JSC (Companies)always expect to improve the lives of local people in the project area. Therefore, the Companieshas implemented several programs that bring values to society, local people and environment in many fields: social security, education, clean energy development, etc. The programs have been implemented such as: Village street lighting (installation of street lights system), warm clothes for children, bookcases and learning tools, support for building flower roads, construction of drilled wells and clean water tanks for people in Huong Linh commune.
Particularly in 2021, SCI has built a multi-function classroom worth more than 1 billion Vietnam Dong for Lao Bao 2 Primary School. The classroom is equipped with facilities and teaching equipment such as projectors, sound systems to serve the teaching of art, music, foreign languages and other activities.
With the goal of sustainable development, Mr. Nguyen Van Do - Director of Huong Linh 7 and Huong Linh 8 Wind Power Joint Stock Company said: "It is expected that in the near future we will continue to implement social activities for the benefits of community, contribute to the environment improvement, so as to changing the locality development."
Along with ensuring safety in power production, the BOD is always interested in ensuring working policies for employees so that they can be secured in working. Every year the Companies organize vacations and tours for their employees. The trade union of both Huong Linh 7 and Huong Linh 8 Wind Power JSC are very first companies established in wind power industry in Quang Tri province and operated under the Union of Huong Hoa district, and also the sole enterprises sign a collective labor agreement between the Companies' BOD and the trade union in 2022 in the presence of leaders of the Provincial Trade Union, Department of Labour, Huong Hoa district leader,...
With safe and stable operation in the first half of 2022, Huong Linh 7 and Huong Linh 8 wind power plants continue to make efforts to fulfill the set targets in another halfof this year.