The Central Power Management Board (CPMB) coordinated with the relevant units to check

On September 13, the Central Power Management Board (CPMB) coordinated with the relevant units to check, accept and energize the AT1 transformer project (220kV-250MVA) 220kV Lao Bao substation (Quang Tri province).

The works is under the project of 220kV Lao Bao substation and 220kV Dong Ha - Lao Bao transmission line, invested by the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) and managed, operated by the Central Power Management Board. Project, taken over and operated by the Power Transmission Company 2

The 220kV Lao Bao substation was constructed in Tan Hop commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. The project has a scope of new construction 01 (one) 220/110/22kV transformer station with the scale of two 250MVA transformers.

AT1 -AT2 Transformer of Lao Bao 220kV substation

The completion of the work shows the great efforts of the Central Power Management Board and the contractor at the site in in the context of the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic. The movement of engineers and workers involved in the project construction encountered many difficulties. In addition, the scarcity of materials and equipment has significantly affected the overall progress of the project. However, with the tireless efforts, the team of CPMB engineers and the units involved in the construction completed the project to reach the set schedule.

The project is put into operation with the Dong Ha - Lao Bao 220kV Line (expected to be completed in late September 2021) has an important meaning in ensuring COD schedule of the wind power plants before January 1. 11/2021 (the milestone by the Prime Minister's Decision 39/2018/QD-TTg) and at the same time operate efficiently and maximize the capacity.

Previously, on June 30, the AT2 transformer (220kV-250MVA) was successfully energized. The completion of the project will also contribute to the transmission from hydropower plants in the the western part of Quang Tri province to the national power system; contribute to ensure the electricity supply for this province.