Today, as information technology continues to evolve, the use of comprehensive business management software is increasingly becoming a necessity which is a trend aiming at enhancing operational and production activities, offering numerous advantages to businesses and their customers.

In the afternoon of May 7, 2024, a ceremony was conducted by SCI E&C Joint Stock Company and BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company to review and accept the implementation of the BRAVO 8R3 Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP-VN). The event was attended by the Boards of Directors from both companies and the project management team. The successful execution of the BRAVO ERP project at SCI E&C is a testament to the company’s commitment to digital transformation and leading-edge innovation, with the goal of enhancing and optimizing business operations and management efficiency.

Ông Phan Thanh Hải – Chủ tịch HĐQT SCI E&C phát biểu tại buổi lễ
At the event, Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, the Chairman of SCI E&C’s Board of Directors, delivered a speech

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Phan Thanh Hai, the Chairman of SCI E&C’s Board of Directors, expressed: “The implementation of ERP has evidently demonstrated its impact as a supportive tool in achieving maximum standardization. It optimizes various phases, sustains steady operations, and enhances control and management abilities, enabling businesses to experience rapid growth in a short span while maintaining control.” Mr. Hai, on behalf of SCI E&C’s Board of Directors, expressed gratitude towards the BRAVO Project Board for their constant guidance and timely assistance, which contributed to the successful go-live and timely execution of the plan.

Ông Đào Mạnh Hùng – Giám đốc BRAVO gửi lời cảm ơn và chúc mừng thành công của dự án
Mr. Dao Manh Hung, the Director of BRAVO, expressed his gratitude and extended his congratulations on the project’s success

From BRAVO, Mr. Dao Manh Hung - the Director of company, expressed his gratitude for the trust and opportunity to collaborate and support SCI E&C in this project. BRAVO pledges to provide swift assistance to SCI E&C in future operations, ensuring the smooth operation of the software, thereby meeting the company’s management needs effectively.

The project, which involved the deployment of BRAVO ERP software at SCI E&C, included subsystems such as Financial and Accounting Management, Warehouse - Materials Management, Asset Management, and Purchasing. This project has been officially approved, marking a significant step in the execution of the digital transformation strategy. This creates a driving force for SCI E&C’s remarkable and sustainable growth in the future.

There were some pictures taken at the ceremony: 

BLĐ BRAVO trao tặng lẵng hoa tươi thắm tới BLĐ SCI E&C
BRAVO Board of Directors presented a bouquet of fresh flowers to the Board of Directors at SCI E&C
Representatives of Board of Directors of the SCI E&C and BRAVO officially signed the Acceptance Minutes
The Project Management Board members captured memorable photographs following the acceptance event