Nam Mo 2 Hydropower Project (“Project”) launched the emulation campaign "60 days to complete the river blocking and dive

With the goal of completing the river blocking and diversion work - phase 1 by January 11, 2024, SCI - EPC Contractor for the Project has launched an emulation campaign from November 12, 2023, with specific goals set as follows:
- Complete the slope protection work of the diversion tunnel with the length of 160.13m;
- Complete the excavation of spillway foundation pit, stilling basin and downstream spillway with a total volume of soil and rock of 526,000m3, in which:
          + 286,000m3 of soil
          + 240,000m3 of rock
- Complete the erection of diversion tunnel radial gates and other related items to ensure diversion conditions in the dry season in 2024.


In addition to being a plan to complete an important construction milestone in the overall progress of the Project, the campaign is a meaningful activity, contributing to improving productivity, quality, and construction efficiency therein. At the same time, such campaign also encourages all staffs at Nam Mo 2 Hydropower Project to be more united, dynamic, creative, and enthusiastic in the completion of work so as to make best efforts to complete the set targets.