Nam Lum 2 determination to reach the 2020 plan

An evaluation meeting has been recently organized at Nam Lum 2 HydroElectric Project (HEP) at Lang Village, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau province by Nam Lum 2 HEP Management Unit to evaluate the achievements obtained during 2019 and develop the plan in year 2020.

Emphasizing at the report presenting at the meeting, Mr. Le Dinh Tuan – Project Manager said “2019 is a year of many hallmarks with Nam Lum 2 HEP employee’s strong determination and attempts. Developing the sprit of discipline, solidarity, creativeness, concentration in the construction, the project quality management and working safety are always put on top priority. The project has overcome the difficulties, obstacles, challenges and made full use of the advantages to complete the tasks and missions in 2019”



Photo 1: Powerhouse construction area

Up to date, the project has proceeded the service roads and the worker’s camp auxiliary works; the service road 2, construction road 1, construction road 3;  construction power line 35kv in stage 1 and 2, transmission line laying and energization for Transformer Station 1, 2, 3; batching plant for the powerhouse area have been completed. The crushing plant erection, EPC and workers’ camping area and warehouse have been basically completed; the civil works for repair workshop has been completed and put into operation. In additions, a larger quantity of service roads and auxiliary works have been under execution on schedule.



Photo 2 – Reinforcement erection and excavation of Sub-tunnel 1

For the principle work items of the project, so far, the excavation and reinforcement of the powerhouse roof in stage 1 have been completed. The reinforced grouting drill & foundation pit excavation of the plant stage 2 have reached 80% BoQ. As for arch of intake at Sub-tunnel 1 side: excavation and reinforcement of the tunnel gate was completed; excavation of the tunnel is under execution.  Regarding the head works, excavation of the foundation pit at the right abutment reached 90% BoQ. Other areas of the project are being performed on schedule.

Missions in year 2020:

Complete construction of the service road 1, construction road 2

Complete excavation and reinforcement of the foundation pit and concrete placement for the powerhouse, tailrace channel, OPY station and auxiliary works.

Complete construction and put into operation of the 60m3/h batching plant, head works;

Complete excavation of the foundation pit of head works, diversion tunnel and the concrete works for the head works.

 - Complete excavation of the foundation pit and concrete works for the principal headrace channel, riser shaft and surge shaft.

The management board and employees of Nam Lum 2 HEP have strong determination to carry out the missions, targets and plan in 2020 with attempts to reach the targets beyond the plan.



Photo 3: Completed construction, erection and putting in to use of the service bridge