Completing construction of penstock of Nam Sam 3 HPP

The penstock route is designed with the length of over 400m, the diameter of 4.5m, total weight of 1500 tons, in which the weight of each module is up to 12T and machined by steel with thickness from 2.4cm-4.8cm. 

Doal Nam Sam 3

With high steel thickness and limited working space, the welder's meticulousness and skills to ensure precise welds and fulfill the requirements are required. After inspected by ultrasonic (UT) and X-Ray, the results show that the penstock meets the standard. After completing the erection process, the pressure test for its double-Y branch is also done to check the route working load. 

Linh 4

All hearting concrete placement, alignment, erection of double-Y branch as well as pressure test have been implemented under the strict inspection and supervision of SCI’s consultants, LJHC’s consultants to ensure safety and quality for the entire project.