Contract signing ceremony and launch of the enterprise management system implementation project named BRAVO 8R3

On July 10, 2023, SCI E&C Joint Stock Company (a subsidiary of SCI Group) and BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company held a contract signing ceremony and launched the project of implementing a business management software system called BRAVO 8R3 (ERP-VN) with the participation of the leaders of both sides and members of the project management board.

BRAVO's project management board presents an overview of the project.

TIn this cooperation, SCI E&C used BRAVO 8R3 software for corporate governance activities of the company, with modules serving the work: Financial Management, Accounting, Warehouse Management - Materials , Asset Management, Purchasing. With the business strategy of SCI E&C, digital transformation is being identified as one of the key tasks of the company. The application of BRAVO 8R3 software will help strengthen control of operating costs, warehouse and material management; Improve the efficiency of making and managing purchasing plans; Improve data processing performance, enhance system security solutions.

Representatives of the leaders of the two sides signed the cooperation agreement.

According to Mr. Luu Minh Thanh - Director of SCI E&C, the BRAVO 8R3 business management software solution is in line with the development strategy of SCI E&C and expects the software to be successfully deployed and applied at SCI E&C and will expanding in the entire SCI Group system in the future.

On the side of BRAVO, Mr. Dao Manh Hung - Director of the company expressed his pleasure to receive the trust of SCI E&C and the business management software solution BRAVO 8R3 was selected to apply. The company has fully prepared for the project to take place and complete on schedule.

The investment in the BRAVO 8R3 system is a foundational preparation, helping SCI E&C to be ready for tremendous growth in the coming years. This implementation project is the starting signal to promote the expansion of cooperation between the two sides in the future.