Completion of The 90-day Main Dam Construction Campain at Nam Xe Hep

The 90-day Main Dam Construction Campain has been recorded as completion at Nam Xe HEP with the ensuring of quality as well as labor safety throughout the campain implementation.

The Main Dam is designed with the crest of 545m, crest width of 10m, axis length of 138.43m and max. height of 30m. The construction area of the Main Dam is complex and variable in terms of magnetostratigraphy and geology. SCI PMC has studied a lot of design options for the Dam structure and selected the optimized one as using local materials.

Mr Pham Son Tung - the Project Manager of Nam Xe HPP said: "Within 3 months of the campaign execution, in parralell with the speeding up of construction progress to achieve the targeted timelinem, the dam embankment is ensured and applied strictly at every step. SCI E&C - the EPC Contrator has well prepared from the materials selection, the water-proofing handling prior to embankment, the construction arrangement, testing, results inspection for each layer of embankment".

dap nam xe ok 3
As of now, the project is under the processing of headrace tunnel protection, box culvert concrete placement and equipment instalaltion at Powerhouse to meet the deadline of COD by the early days of second half of 2023.