Blood donation Festival organized by SCI Group in 2019

On the 5th October 2019 morning, SCI Joint Stock Company organized a blood donation festival in 2019 with the message "A drop of blood donated - A life to stay", this is a series of community activities adhered to SCI Group's philosophy of "always attach the growth with the social responsibility" over the last years


The 2019 blood donation Festival was held at the SCI Group office in collaboration between SCI Joint Stock Company and the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion; especially, this blood donation festival also has an active participation of SCI partner companies as well as the employees from different Companies sharing same building with the SCI Group
Delivering speech before the blood donation, the Chairman of the SCI Management Board, Mr. Nguyen Cong Hung said: 'we always adhere the growth with the social responsibility, promote the tradition of kindness and show our love to people as if we loved our family members in accordance with our Nation tradition, the SCI Board of Directors has mobilized all employees to participate in this blood donation. This is a very noble gesture in our support to save many lives at risk of losing their loved ones, friends and firstly save the lives of patients who are in need of blood. This action of all employees needs to be promoted and replicated, so that more people will be saved.


Based on the blood transfusion team leader’ interim summary - Central Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, the SCI Group blood donation 2019 with the slogan “A drop of blood given - A life of stay” organized by SCI has attracted a total of more than 60 blood donators and provided approximately 50 units of blood. This is very respectable blood quantification during the blood donation festival of SCI Group that can save many lives


SCI Group’s blood donating employees 

At the end of the blood donation festival, Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc - General Director of SCI Group sent his sincere thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the employees who joined the festival to share their blood with the unfortunate fates. He also called for this meaningful and charitable activity of SCI to be regularly maintained in the following years